Safety Procedures to Follow When Installing Bronco Hoist a Top

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The Bronco Hoist a top is designed to help you remove your jeep easily and quickly without the help of other people. The installation process can be quite challenging. At the same time, it can be a little dangerous since you are working with heavy items and tools. In this case, knowing more about the safety procedures to follow when installing Bronco hoist a top is essential.

However, what exactly are these Bronco hoist a top safety procedures? Know more information about this by reading this article.

Safety Procedures for Bronco Hoist a Top Installation

Here are the safety procedures that you should know about when installing the Bronco top hoist:

  • Drill the Right Hole Size

When preparing your site, make sure that you drill the right size on your rafter. The hole should be ⅜ of an inch. This is the perfect size for the screw eye to hold properly. If the hole is too large, it has a tendency to come out. It can also joist and cause damage that is difficult and expensive to fix.

Furthermore, make sure that you drill directly in the center of the joist. You also have to ensure that there are no deformities, splits, and knots in the rafter after you make the hole.

  • Take Caution When Lowering the Top

Lowering the top is one of the most crucial parts of installing the Bronco hoist top. In this step, make sure that you are not under the top when it’s in the ceiling position. Keep your children and pets away from it as well because it will definitely cause injuries when it falls down.

Moreover, make sure that your Bronco top hoist is aligned before you lift it off. This can minimize potential damage to the vehicle in case the top swings to its lift center.

You can align your jeep with the top by using tapes on your garage floor. This will help you know where the vehicle must be exactly.

Another thing that you can do to make this step safer is to ratchet the handle on the wire cable puller slowly. This will prevent the top from bouncing, which adds tremendous stress on the top, resulting in damage.

  • Remove all Fasteners Before Lifting

Check if there are still fasteners attached before you start lifting. If you try to lift it and these are still attached, your vehicle might be damaged. You also need to break the seals loose because they might stick and damage your vehicle.

  • Don’t Use Your Hands When Raising the Top Under the Edge

Using your bare hands when trying to raise the top under the edge is a recipe for disaster. If the top falls, your hand is sure to experience serious injuries such as broken bones. Instead, it’s best to push or pull from the side for better safety. Doing this also allows you to have better control of the top movement.

  • Open the Back Tailgate Door

One thing that you have to pay attention to when installing the Bronco hoist top is the back tailgate door. Ensure that it is latched and check the rear glass if it’s open to prevent damaging the glass.

  • Make Sure Your Garage is Organized

The last thing that you want to happen is to stumble upon tools or wires on your garage floor when installing your Bronco top hoist.This is why before even starting anything, make sure to clean your garage and remove any trip hazard.

This will also help you work in a more productive and efficient manner. Since your garage is organized, finding tools and materials will not be difficult.

  • Check the Bolt and Fastener Tightness

When installing the bolts and fasteners, make sure that they are in the right tightness. Also, check the wire cable puller if there are any loose bolts in every cycle.

Final Words

Installing any accessories on a vehicle requires significant caution. This is because you are working with heavy tools, and the vehicle and accessories themselves are expensive.

The Bronco top hoist precautions mentioned above are pretty basic and must be remembered when doing any heavy installation on vehicles. Moreover, not only are these going to help you make the installation safer, but it can also help make the process a lot easier.

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